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What is ABC Children's Aid?

ABC Children┤s Aid is a charitable organization founded and operated on Christian principles, especially bearing in mind the commandment to love our neighbor and to bear each others burdens showing in action, that God is the father of the fatherless and He extends a helping hand to the needy and suffering.

The main aim of the organization is to help, train and educate people in ways which will lead them to self-sufficiency. Although the primary goal of the organization is not to provide emergency relief or aid nevertheless, ABC Children's Aid is authorized to undertake such tasks, especially if such work is a step towards helping others to become independent and self-sufficient.

ABC Children's Aid was founded in 1988 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Currently over 10,000 children are being helped in many developing countries through ABC. These children are receiving education, medical assistance, food, clothing and housing based on their need.

The needs in developing countries are overwhelming and the need to expand the donor base is tremendous. Keeping this in mind, ABC Children's Aid USA has been established.

The immediate focus of our donor base in Florida, USA is on the needs of the Philippines. You are encouraged to give generously to this worthy cause and become actively involved in helping indigent children receive education.

Some of the ABC Children's Aid homes and schools in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Uganda and Kenya:


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Events coming up


Maxwell Ditta, Development Director for ABC Children's Aid
USA recorded an interview with WTLN 950 AM which will be
aired on radio in two parts. The first part of the interview will be aired
Sunday, September 5, 2010, at 9:00 pm
and the second part on
Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 9:00 pm
You are invited to tune in to learn more about
ABC Children's AID USA.



To: "  You  "
Be one of our special guest
for a dinner reception during the

3rd Anniversary of ABC Children's AID USA

Saturday - September 11, 2010
 Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Location:Monumental Movie Land Hotel
  6233 International Drive
 Orlando, FL 32819       
  Hotel # (407) 351-3900

Attire: Business casual

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"free" Charity Concert 
Featuring World Renowned

Christian Artist


Sunday - July 25th 2010 @ 7:00 PM

Location: 3600 McNeil Rd Apopka, FL 32703

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Windstorm played havoc at ABC campus in Pakistan


Lahore and its surrounding towns and villages were suddenly hit by a windstorm on Friday evening (yesterday), playing havoc, uprooting trees, demolishing structures, collapsing walls, destroying billboards, causing at least 13 deaths and injuries to at least 23 persons (these figures are only those reported immediately after the storm).

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2010 Prints of Hope

Prints of Hope Visit ABC Schools in Negros Occidental, Philippines

Prints of Hope is a charitable organization based in Florida, USA. Abdiel Sosa, the CEO and founder says that the mission of the organization is to leave Christ's prints in every life we touch. Prints of Hope have organized many trips to underdeveloped countries to offer assistance to the needy in the form of housing, clothing and medical help.

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2010 Medical Mission

A team of 8 individuals joined Dr. Nema Oriel-Comenencia from the US to conduct a medical mission for children, parents and community members of ABC schools in Negros Occidental, Philippines from January 24 - 28, 2010. This group was further strengthened by four local volunteer nurses and an ophthalmologist. The doctors and the nurses were ably assisted by the ABC school teachers and staff.

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Burnie & Ging James

When we first heard about ABC Children's Aid helping kids by giving them an education, we knew they were on the right track. We strongly believe that educating children with the tools to help themselves and their family is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

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Medical mission

Dr. Nema Oriel-Comenencia will be leading out the medical mission to the Philippines from January 21-30, 2010.

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The story of Angelo Gemerga

Angelo Gemerga is in Grade 2. He lives with his father, Emmanuel in a small rented space for $10 a month which includes electricity. Their only source of light at night is one bulb. The father earns a monthly income of around $40. He transports people with a rented pedicab (a bicycle with small side cart). The father struggles financially to meet both ends. Even drinking water of $4 per month is a luxury yet a necessity for them to live. They usually receive hand me down clothings from friends.

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ABC Children's Aid Philippines - Nutrition Emphasis Month

The department of Education in the Philippines scheduled the month of July 2009 as the Nutrition Emphasis Month.

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